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If you want to start a blog for free, you’ve come to the right place. Blogging is a great way to begin a second revenue stream from home with limited barrier to entry.

You can absolutely get started blogging without spending a penny (or, nickle? I guess pennies aren’t a thing anymore), but as you likely expected, it comes with its limitations.

Quick Steps to Start a Blog

Free Blogging Platforms

Let’s talk about the three most popular platforms to start a blog for free on:, Wix and Weebly. Each has their pros and cons.

For a quick summary, is best for getting to know the popular WordPress platform, Wix and Weebly are best for an easy-to-use website with a blog. Let’s go over each in more detail. provides hosting for free with limitations, but also offers paid plans. This is not to be confused with, which provides the wonderfully flexible WordPress software for download to use on your own web hosting.

What we’re working with here,, runs the WordPress software, but without having to deal with the more technical aspects of web hosting.

Once you start editing your site, you will be seeing a simplified version of the WP Admin panel, and the Gutenberg Block Editor for editing posts and pages.

A huge downfall with is that you are not allowed to monetize your free blog in any way whatsoever. Ads are displayed, but you will not receive the revenue from these days.


  • 3 GB of storage space, likely to be more than enough to start
  • Runs on popular WordPress software
  • Sub-domain is, adding a reputable name to your domain


  • Monetization of any kind is not permitted on the free plan
  • WordPress branding prominently displayed

I suggest using as a way of seeing if you like the WordPress platform. Then consider getting web hosting instead (like HostPapa’s Canadian hosting starting at $3.95/month). We have a full guide on that here: Start a Blog in 2021: Complete Step-by-Step Guide


Wix is very flexible and easy to use. Wix really helps to walk you through so many different aspects of your website, no matter what your goal is.

Here, the free plan hardly feels restrictive – you have to use a subdomain ( and the Wix branding will be clearly displayed on your site, but otherwise you do have full functionality.

Storage space is limited to 500 MB, and your Bandwidth is capped at 500 MB. This is pretty low – if you’re expecting any decent amount of traffic, you are sure to eat through your bandwidth very quickly.

Luckily, Wix does make it really easy to upgrade your plan to a Premium Plan if you do find you need it.

You can let Wix ADI create a blog for you based on a questionnaire, or choose a template to start with. Either option is sure to get you with a beautiful starting point for your site.


  • Very intuitive and easy to use site builder
  • Makes adding features like eCommerce, SEO, very simple with step-by-step guidance
  • Simple to add advertisements to your website with AdSense


  • Low bandwidth
  • Prominent wix branding

Wix is my top recommendation for a free website builder for simple websites. Ideal for short-term projects.


Weebly is a great alternative to wix as a flexible and easy to use website builder. You can choose from a number of starter templates to modify to your liking.

The free plan allows you to sell products, just not digital products (like ebooks). Of course uses a subdomain ( and has Weebly branding on the site.

As with Wix (and honestly, most free products on the web) it’s very simple to upgrade your plan at a later date as you grow.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Run by Square, making it easier to process payments


  • Cannot sell digital products
  • Weebly branding on your site

Free Blog vs. Hosted Blog

Starting a blog for free typically means you’ll be using a subdomain (ie., instead of just which is probably the most obvious public-facing part of free blogging.

Additionally, you will have added limitations with some tech stuff using free blogs, many of which as a beginner won’t affect you.

My suggestion if you are wanting to be serious about blogging, and create a second income for yourself in the process: make the small financial investment to get started with one of the Top 4 Web Hosting Companies.

Having a hosted blog means you have full ownership over everything from the data, to the content, to the domain name, without restriction. My complete guide to get started with a Hosted blog is below.

Start a Blog in 2022: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

You may have a passion for writing, a skill you want to share, or you may be looking for a way to generate an extra source of income from home. No matter what your inspiration is, you can be successful as a blogger if you stay motivated. You’ll see that it may not be as…

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